How to choose your golf putter match

Paul Jones

10 July 2023


With each year that passes, golf club technology is getting increasingly more advanced and sophisticated, and you can tell just by looking at the latest golf putters from PING.

There are a whopping 11 models available in PING’s 2023 range of putters, and PING has experimented to create four different face technologies that have a different feel at impact in different models. These clubs look fantastic and feel amazing, but why should you consider getting yourself a new putter?

There’s never been a better time to be in the market for a new golf putter. There’s a whole range of choice available, from bladed putters through to mallets. The sooner you’re playing with a club appropriately build for your putter stroke, the sooner you’ll be sinking more putts and shooting lower scores!


What's in the PING golf putter range?


PING putters are phenomenal, and whatever your preference and style of play, they’ll have something just for you. As we’ve mentioned, there are 11 models on the market in PING’s 2023 putter range. These clubs vary from traditional blades to heavier mallets.

The four different clubfaces include a shallow-milled face, a smooth-milled face, as well as two variations of a PEBAX face, one surrounded by shallow milling, and one surrounded by smooth milling. These different models all offer lots of stability and accuracy to give you a consistent performance. There’s a lot of choice in the range so you’ll be sure to find the feel that’s right for you!

Ever popular are the PING PLD Milled putters. PLD stands for ‘Putting Lab Design’, and these putters have been both tried and tested in the lab and on Tour. There are four models in the range, each offering incredible forgiveness and accuracy. They’re available in two dynamic colour finishes, Stealth Black and Satin Raw Chrome.


When did you last change your golf putter?

If you’re playing a par 4 as it’s meant to be played, half of your shots are going to be taken using a putter (unless you should manage to drain your first putt for a brilliant birdie).

If you extend that to the entire round, just about 50% of the time when you’re making contact with the ball, it’s with a putter. We all love getting the driver out and seeing how far we can hit the ball down the fairway, but given that fact, you could argue that the putter is the most important club in the bag.

Would you agree?

While it’s important to take care of all of your clubs, it can be easy to overlook the wear and tear that your golf putter has been through. Unlike a driver or wedge, with a putter you’re not hitting the ball with a fast speed or digging through the ground, so there might not be so many dents and chips in your trusty putter.


When we conducted a survey, we found that 44% of those that answered were using a putter over 5 years old

If it’s been a good few years since you’ve changed your putter, you may be playing with a club that’s no longer suitable for you.

It’s not something we’re aware of day-by-day, but your putting stroke and way you approach the ball changes over time. The more you play golf, the more you’ll get used to playing with your own unique steady rhythm. You’ll have developed a certain stroke and feel, and certain clubs that are engineered to accentuate that style of play will help you get the most control over your putting.

If you want to score low, you’ve got to be playing with equipment appropriate for you, which is why you’ll benefit from undergoing a putter fitting to find out what kind of club suits you the best.


Ever had a golf putter MOT?


You might think that finding the perfect putter for you is as simple as walking into the pro shop, finding one you like the look of, and taking a few putts with it to see how it feels. But there’s a lot more to it than that.

When you have a professional putter MOT, the club you end up with will have been custom fit to your unique specifications. To find the best club for you, we’ll analyze your natural tendencies on the green, looking at your current set up and how you hit the ball.

Once we know what your putting stroke looks like and the areas of where you can work on bettering your performance, we’ll be able to recommend you the kind of club that’s most appropriate for you.

To put things in perspective, reliable transportation can be one of the most important factors of your daily living, so you regularly get an MOT for your car when it’s due. The putter is one of the most important clubs in your bag for your game, so why not give yourself the peace of mind that your flatstick is up to scratch? A putter MOT will potentially knock scores off your game!


We're here for you


It’s no small thing to be getting a new club or new set of clubs, so we want to reassure you that we’re here to help you get used to them at every step of the way. We’ll help you into a new putter and point you in the direction of lowering your scores on the green.

With a new club like the PING PLD Milled putter, you’ll be saying goodbye to those agonizing three-putts in no time. If you feel like you could benefit from a putter MOT, please get in contact with us and we’d be happy to help you.

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